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If you need to find your Toro model number and serial number, we can help!

Toro model numbers and serial numbers are printed on a tag similar to the one to your right.

Some products such as riding mowers and commercial equipment, have more than one tag: one tag for the rider or traction unit and another tag for the attachment, such as the deck.

Find your Toro equipment below to see model and serial number locations.


  1. 1. Side panel, left
  2. 2. Side panel, right
  3. 3. Seat, underside
  4. 4. Frame, top rear

Welcome to Parts House - Your Trusted Source for Toro TRACTOR Parts


At Parts House, we understand the importance of keeping your Toro tractor mower running smoothly and efficiently. That's why we specialize in offering an extensive selection of high-quality OEM parts and spares for all Toro tractor models. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a homeowner who takes pride in maintaining a pristine lawn, we have the Toro tractor parts you need to ensure your equipment performs at its best.

Why Choose Parts House for Your Toro Tractor Parts?

  • Unmatched Quality: We believe in the longevity and performance of your Toro tractor mower. Our OEM parts guarantee compatibility, ensuring your equipment runs like new.

  • Extensive Inventory: From blades and belts to filters and fuel systems, our wide range of Toro tractor parts means you'll find exactly what you're looking for in one convenient place.

  • Expert Support: Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you. Whether you need help identifying the right part or advice on installation, we're just a call or click away.

  • Competitive Pricing: At Parts House, we offer competitive prices on all our Toro tractor parts, ensuring you get both quality and value.

  • Fast Shipping: We know downtime isn't an option. That's why we strive to ship your parts quickly and efficiently, minimizing any disruption to your work or lawn care routine.

Featured Toro Tractor Parts

  • Blades: Precision-engineered for cutting performance, ensuring your lawn looks professionally manicured with every pass.
  • Belts: Durable and designed for longevity, our belts keep your Toro tractor mower operating smoothly.
  • Filters: High-quality filters for air, fuel, and oil, providing optimal protection and performance for your Toro's engine.
  • Spark Plugs: Ensure efficient starting and engine performance with our OEM spark plugs, specifically designed for your Toro tractor mower.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

At Parts House, we're committed to providing not just the parts you need, but also the service and support that makes all the difference. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and are dedicated to ensuring your Toro tractor mower stays in peak condition.

Ready to find the perfect Toro tractor part? Browse our selection today, or contact us for personalized assistance. With Parts House, you're not just repairing your equipment; you're enhancing the performance and longevity of your Toro tractor mower.

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Thank you for choosing Parts House for your Toro tractor parts. We look forward to serving you and helping keep your Toro tractor mower at its best.