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At Parts House, we’re committed to offering you the latest in outdoor power equipment parts - at the best prices and with unparalleled service. That’s quite a promise, we know. But we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver on our promise of a great customer experience. Why? It's simple: we’ve had over 75 years and 4 generations to get it right. 

We’re Older Than Dirt

It’s considered impolite to talk about age but we’re pleased to say we’ve been a family-run and Calgary-based business since 1946. It all started with Great-uncle Arn Cummins. While on active duty with the Air Force during WWII, Arn started planning for his family’s future. In 1943 he purchased a plot of land for $450 in north-west Calgary. And, when he was discharged in April, 1946, he began building his business. 

 On September 4th, The Bike Shop opened. 

About Us

The Bike Shop specialized in Bike and General Repairs. Arn also started sharpening knives, scissors and old style push  lawnmowers. During the 50's and 60's the lawnmower business expanded dramatically.  Gas powered lawnmowers grew in popularity and the need for service and repairs grew.


Steady as She Goes

The 70's and 80' brought huge growth and challenges.  We put all our focus on Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE), adding the best brands and continuing to put a focus on delivering great service to each customer.

Change is the Constant

Over the last 20 years the continued change in technology and in the OPE industry have been huge.  We have tried to hire the best people and use the best technology available to provide a great customer experience.  We currently have an experience staff of over 25 to assist you.  We maintain a stock of over $1,000,000.00 in parts and accesories.  Our goal at is to provide the most complete, easy to use shopping experience possible for all of you parts needs.

We will be constantly adding to and improving  Please feel free to share your thoughts on improvements we could make at  

“Your Outdoor Equipment is our Commitment”